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Back Pain Relief for Desk Jockey Office Types With Proven Best Results

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At a time when many desk jockey workers complain of lower back pain, it is good to know there are various stretches and other proven safe techniques to help alleviate pain in one's back. In fact, there is a user friendly back stretch that can be done in the office. While most office workers share online that working on a computer at their desk is the main reason for their crippling back pain, there are spine health websites featuring ways and means to help change the way a typical desk jockey works.

Helping to ease office back pain

The American Medical Association (AMA) website features proven ways and means to end back pain for those who work at a computer desk terminal in a typical office environment.

The AMA tips for stopping work related back pain includes:

- Do not strain forward when doing desk and computer work; while also trying to keep one's head up so as to help align the head and shoulders.

- Do not "overreach" when using a computer keyboard; while "wrist clicking" of a computer mouse is linked to back pain.

- Ensure the desk and chair is "back friendly."

- Remind yourself to always sit within reach of the computer keyboard at any and all types of office desks.

- To help support the back when working on a "screen" at an office desk, the best rule of thumb is to ensure your feet are planted firmly and flat on the floor because sitting this way helps support the lower back.

- Remember to take needed breaks every hour or two to help reduce back pressure; while also boosting circulation.

In general, the view about back prevention is complex and varied; while a longtime back specialist commenting online about "always breathe from one's belly."

Best back health tips

At the end of the day, the best way and means to prevent office work related back pain is to always position one's knees at a healthy 90 degree angle so as to help support the lower spine and upper back.

Overall, there has never been a better time for office and computer workers to find real pain relief when keeping mindful of how they sit during a typical work session.