Activities to Relieve Lower Back Pain

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Lower back pain is a regular and sometimes frustrating experience for the office desk jockey and anyone else who sits in a slumped position for long periods. Even when a good posture is maintained, sometimes the effects of sitting for hours cannot be avoided. Here are some things that you can do to treat lower back pain.

Massage -- Persons who suffer from lower back pain find that massage is helpful in giving them relief. It is said that a massage is maybe more beneficial than the usual treatment such as physical therapy, medication or even exercises. It also works great for pain that is muscle-related.

Yoga -- This activity is known to be effective in a lot of cases. People have found relief of their lower back pain after only a few weeks of sessions. It is great for relaxing the muscles and decrease pains that are muscle-related.

Walk around in the office - In addition to routine exercises to decrease or eliminate lower back pain, it will prove to be helpful if you leave the desk area every 20-25 minutes and walk around a bit. This can be more beneficial than a gym session of 45 minutes.

Stand when planning -- Another activity suggested to prevent or treat lower back pain is to stand when you are making arrangements for a meeting. Also, you can go to your coworker instead of calling him or her on the intercom. This will help the body to remain awake.

Desk and chair exercises -- A very effective exercise to relieve lower back pain is known as the desk cleaner. Place palms together then turn the body to the right or left. Put one of your elbow on your desk. The other one should be pointing to the ceiling while you tilt your body back. Your head should be dropped toward your desk while you twist.

Relax your neck and breathe normally while doing these moderately intense stretches. The stretches should last for 20 seconds before turning in the opposite direction. Do each side two times. There are other desk and chair exercises that the desk jockey will find helpful in taking care of lower back pain issues.